MLA Diagnostics secures new funding round

A GLOWING FUTURE FOR MELANOMA TREATMENT PROGNOSTIC TESTS FOR EARLY-STAGE MELANOMA PRESS RELEASE Maastricht, November 2023 Dutch start-up MLA Diagnostics, on a mission to improve tailored treatments for skin cancer patients, secures funding for continued development towards clinical trials. Cutaneous melanoma, a cancer that starts in the pigment-making cells of the skin, annually claims tens […]

KWF project to begin!

MLA Dx is pleased to share the successful KWF Kankerbestrijding project grant. In this project we will support project lead Prof. Dr. Manon van Engeland (Maastricht UMC+) to further explore the value of the LY75 biomarker in predicting melanoma metastasis.

What a way to start 2022!

This month we celebrate Teaming up with Maastricht University in a TKI academic project for the discovery of clinically relevant methylation markers. A Rabobank Innovation Loan Early-stage Funding (Vroege Fase Financiering or VFF) loan by Rijksdienst voor ondernemend Nederland (RVO). We thank regional investment bank LIOF for the support of this application.

Finalist in the Academic Startup Competition 2020

This month, MLA Diagnostics was selected as a finalist in the Academic Startup Competition 2020. 20 ground-breaking innovations in various fields were selected based on their value proposition, the innovative character of the technology involved, the potential of their business and profit model, and the startup team composition. MLA Diagnostics is pleased to be competing to […]

NLC closes Momentum, provides funding support for MLA Diagnostics

NLC The European Healthtech Venture Builder has closed Momentum – a € 2.2 mln fund for private investments -within a month. This fund will be invested in 11 innovative healthtech ventures from NLC’s portfolio. With this new way of funding, investors can easily spread their money and hence their risk, and at the same time build […]

MLA Diagnostics is awarded a LBDF POP subsidy by LIOF

The LBDF POP grant will support a Health Technology Assessment project in collaboration with Clinical Epidemiology & Medical Technology Assessment (KEMTA) and HI-NL. The project consisted of 3 phases: patient journey inventory, health economic modelling and an expert round table session including experts from all domains (clinical, insurance, reimbursement, regulatory, health economic and clinical methodology). 

MLA Diagnostics receives a place in the MSD LAB1891 programme

LAB1891 and UtrechtInc will partner up to support 3 early stage startups selected by MSD to help innovation in their focus area.  The programme provided coaching, workshops and access to a global network of expertise. MLA Diagnostics gained valuable clinical insights into pharma drivers and interests in biomarker applications in general, companion diagnostics, predictive biomarkers and personalised medicine.